View Full Version : Hitman (2016) Contracts changes.

13th Mar 2016, 18:20
Ok so I feel like we need a place to talk about changes to contracts mode we want, I created thus post because after creating a contract designed around a specific weapon, but after completing the contract it appeared as melee lethal which takes a considerable amount of difficulty away from the contract, I think an easy solution would be at the end when you can decide to have the weapon lock or 'any weapon' then have another which is the specific weapon so that a contract can be focused around weapons as well as targets. (I dont think this will be to hard to implement as I believe this was how contracts where in absolution but without the choice to go vague with the weapon type.)

14th Mar 2016, 12:07
Yea seems they tacked contracts on without even bringing them up to the standard of absolution. Shame. I loved messing around with them in absolution.

14th Mar 2016, 13:41
Was playing absolution yesterday and contracts is hell of a lot better in that game.

In that game you can rate contracts as well as see how many times your creation has been played.

I'm hoping we get updates to contracts mode to make it at least on par with absolution.

14th Mar 2016, 14:33
Yes, the Contracts Mode definitely feels shallow and unfinished.
No search function, no ratings, and vague contract conditions.

14th Mar 2016, 17:59

14th Mar 2016, 19:46
The quality of contracts mode needs to be improved. I too created a contract around assassinating the sheikh by toilet drowning, while wearing a tux, no disguise changes and escaping by the speedboat at the other end of the map. It was a real James bond esque contract so I named it "Sheikh-en not stirred".

It felt like a real a accomplishment, but my hard work was for naught when it recognised the accident kill in question as "use any weapon", and also allowed the player to escape using any exit point... making my stealthy exfiltration in the tux absolutely moot.

We need more conditions and modifiers, give the option to force exit through the same exit the creator used. Allow enforcement of no disguise change if the creator didn't change clothes, and recognise accident kills at least if you can't recognise individual accidents like toilet drown, falling etc.

14th Mar 2016, 20:27
I also carefully planned out a contract taking care which weapons I used, whether or not I hid the bodies, what disguise I was wearing and which exit I took only for the weapon (hammer) not to matter nor the escape (helicopter).

Also I want to know if people are playing my contract and what they think of it by way of ratings. Hitman Absolution handled Contracts much much better.

Add in the constant server issues that mean you either can't connect for hours at a time or else you do connect only for it to disconnect about 20 minutes later while you are part way through a game kicking you right back to the main menu.

There is also the fact that one major level (not including the 2 training ones) will barely keep you occupied for a week let alone an entire month and I can see why this game is getting some hate.

15th Mar 2016, 04:01
I would love to see these suggestions added asap! Also a character customization for marks would be a nice add to the contract mode. It would be even better if we can edit premade marks or create our own from a base model + a custom created assassin would be awesome.
Please make it happen HITMAN!