View Full Version : I hope the developers will avoid raisin maps.

13th Mar 2016, 15:37
I hope the developers will avoid raisin maps. Raisin maps = linear maps riddled with cutscenes where sandbox is replaced for the sake of overarching story line.

Like raisins in a cheesecake. Every hitman game had these. Were painful to play and had no replay value. Examples are the asylum mission at the end in Hitman1, several Hitman2 missions, one of them in Russia, one in japan. Blood Money had these too, the very last one, while great finale it had no sandbox value.

And Absolution was made completely of them.

13th Mar 2016, 20:33
I actually wouldn't mind having a couple in a full game. Not many, but one or two would be fine. Having something that ties it all together is almost a must have. Like the final mission in Contracts, Finale of Blood Money, Finale of Agent 47, Finale of Silent assassin....
Seeing a pattern.

However, since they are doing episodic they shot themselves in the foot in that regard. They cannot release something like that and not expect to be roasted for releasing something with so little replay ability.

14th Mar 2016, 08:46
Considering what they did in the Paris map (and even both tutorial maps), I would not be afraid of this.
Considering the full game shoulld have just 6 maps, that are especially justified by the size and replayability, then doing some linear mission with no replay value would be really bad step killing what they are doing.
Currentyl we have paris (great map). We ahve a trailer for next map, that looks even better. So I beleive in them :-D