View Full Version : DLC Idea and NPC actions

13th Mar 2016, 14:40
Hello everyone! I'm huge fanboy of Hitman series and I think new Hitman game is very nice, much better than Absolition, like old-school Hitman games. So, I have idea for developers about some nostalgic DLC when they finish main missions: u guys can rebuild some missions from prevoius Hitman games, for example, you can rebuild mission in jungle from first Hitman in new engine with new design and some other missions from Hitman: Contracts maybe.

Regards, Alex

P.S.: By the way, I guess NPC's sight and hearing radius should be little bigger, just test it. And check alert mode for NPC's, I think if some guards revealed you on first floor, guards on third floor should be know what you are enemy too and maybe guards should make some evacuation of main target or just be more clever, took some good positions, call special forces in some situations and defend, something like that. Sorry, my English is not perfect. =/

13th Mar 2016, 16:32