View Full Version : Feedback about game (Glitches)

13th Mar 2016, 14:22
Ok so i have been playing the game since the release. So i managed somehow to spot some glitches that can be fix.

-There will be times (very rare) that when you start as a crew, by the time you the intro cinematic has finished there's a guard or a NPC that will instantly spot you. Though you are allowed in that area and he cannot see thru your disguise.

-Frame Drop. Well i'll admit the game is not 100% optimized.. But for me it has potential IF the dev will fix those things.

-Npc Glitch? (Guard Specifically). There's this guard on the top floor? where you can get the opportunity about the lights above the catwalk. After they finished their conversation about the light thing. The other guard will just bow his head and then goes around and around on one place. Its a glitch so it can be fix. Also i saw a guard that his feet was implanted to the floor haha..

Thats all so lets hope devs will fix those. So i dont see the part of regret YET.