View Full Version : FRAMERATE ISSUES. Please include MSAA and reflections settings!

13th Mar 2016, 11:43
I've mentioned the mirror-related framerate drops in the tutorial stages earlier, but in addition to those, I am also getting some pretty drastic framerate drops in the Paris mission. The fountain drops the framerate to less than 30 FPS, as do some of the indoor locations, such as the dressing room with all the stylists.

First off, graphically, there's nothing in the game that warrants such a heavy GPU load. It's fairly obvious that there's something in the programming that is making the game more of a resource hog than it really needs to be. Could you at least try to optimise the game? If not, I'd be fine with turning down the graphics, but THIS DOESN'T HELP.

The only graphics settings that have any impact on performance are the shadow mapping and shadow resolution settings. When I get the framerate drops, it makes literally no difference at all how low I set the graphics. For reference, I can run Absolution at Ultra settings, at a steady 60 FPS, when I turn down the MSAA setting to 2x.

There is no MSAA setting in HITMAN, so perhaps this is the setting that would actually have an effect on performance, and would allow me and many others who are experiencing these framerate drops to enjoy the game more. Therefore, please include settings to turn off MSAA and reflections!