View Full Version : Anyone Else Experiencing Glitches?

13th Mar 2016, 07:52
Hello All,

New to this forum, long time fan of the Hitman series. Not entirely stoked that they are releasing Hitman in an episodic manner but honestly I have come to terms with how game developers are these days... Buy a $70 game and only get around 75% of the content and the rest comes later in a DLC for an additional $15. Whether they want more money or more time to produce stuff that we as consumers should expect from the get-go, I don't know. Nonetheless, I digress

I am experiencing some solid glitches while playing the game, namely the different assassination possibilities in the game.

#1: On the Cuban Airfield if I attempt to send the target sky-high from the Fighter jet after enabling the ejection seat I am unable to start the safety protocol by going to the clipboard.

#2: On the Paris mission if I make my way to Dalia's computer and ultimately sabotage the auction after it has started I succeed in completing the event, am prompted with success by my "handler" (Burmwood) and making her secretary freak out...at least a million times. She continues to repeat herself walking back and forth to the computer reciting the same lines. Dalia continues to walk her line through the party over and over never coming to look at her computer.

These are just two of the examples but I have noticed more in the same regard. When I try to play over the moderate-sized sandbox of these two levels to see how many ways I can make the marks expire I continue to run into these issues. Anyone else having similar problems?