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13th Mar 2016, 05:39
To begin with, I'd just like to say Hitman is an absolute success for me. I've been playing since release (Friday 11th, 12 AM) for what feels like at least 10 hours, with no intention of stopping for at least another 10. The Paris level is a marvel, and it's a joy to keep coming back to it. All this, and I haven't even touched any of the online modes (Contracts, Elusive targets, etc).

There are certainly some issues with how NPC's react (targets staring at you until you move away, audience NPC not reacting to kills/bodies), but I believe these are things that can be ironed out as the season progresses, and it hasn't detracted from the overall experience.

One thing that does concern me, however, is how the Challenges section spoils the entire game.

Comparing it to a story driven game, it's kind of like listing one by one all the important events that takes place, which is quite silly. Hitman is all about the hits, and telling me outright all the ways I can do it is an unbelievably huge spoiler.

I can certainly understand the intent behind it; You tell me how a target can be killed, and I have to figure it out. This is sound in theory (especially for newcomers), but for veterans it takes away one of the main reasons the series is so loved to begin with. And that's the joy of discovery.

Right now the way many people are approaching the game is by using the Challenges section as a checklist, which dramatically cheapens the game and hurts its replay value. I can just about guarantee that if the Challenges don't outright tell you the ways targets can be killed, the level would be re-playable for months longer, if not more. There are some extremely unique ways to kill targets in the level that I think would take players ages to discover if the Challenges section hadn't spelled them out.

So please, do the game an incredibly large favour and lock everything in the Challenges section for players themselves to discover. The only things that should have the picture and description readily available are the Silent Assassin, Suit Only and Silent Assassin Suit Only Challenges, since they don't ruin any of the potential hits.

And finally, thanks so much for bringing the Hitman we know and love back.

13th Mar 2016, 05:51
I can do nothing but agree.

13th Mar 2016, 07:01
I'm with you on this, the only way I found for not spoiling the game is to turn of the opportunitys and not look at the challenge list. Not quite ideal but at least you can search the level free of those spoiler.

14th Mar 2016, 09:45
I kind of agree. On the other hand it really gives you a hints about what you can try to do. I msut admit I would not found out all the solutions.
I would probabyl prefer if hints were unlocked kind of like starting locations, etc. Only by finding challenges by yourself you would unlock some others. So for example all of them would be locked until you finished 15 of them on your own. Then 5 would be unlocked. And you would have to finish 10 (so another 5 on your own) until other were revealed. Basically the les of the would remain the more of the remaining would be shown, so you dont have to guess the last two ones. That would be nice compromise in my opinion.