View Full Version : The taboo art of death

13th Mar 2016, 03:32
The art of death is something vital to Hitman. In the following images, you'll notice one thing that stands out - one thing that defines the context of the image; the context of death -- the face. The face depicts whether one is dead or alive. When one draws or paints a picture of a departed individual, the biggest effort goes into the face - the eyes. Are they closed, open? Does their face display terror? Most games tend to do this right. It's a little quirk, but in a game like hitman - you'd expect more. When one dies In this entry, they snap out of their animation and revert to a blank default. I think this is strange, since they have facial animations for incapacitated npc's already - like when you put them into a closet. I think the facial animation should maintain it's "injured" state in death, or should at least resort to the npc closing their eyes. It's very robotic to see a blank face void of expression, and should not be that hard to fix. The animations are in there anyway, right?
That's all. Just thought I'd voice this small viewpoint - as a critique of the animation.