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3rd Jul 2002, 15:32
The Dragonian Timeline

But before we review the Dragonian Timeline, here is some info on the castes of Dragonians...

There are five types of Dragonian sub-species.

Normal (Red)-Reds have three horns on their heads, a good but useless wingspan, they cannot fly but rather soar. They used to be psychic but it is unknown as to what happened to make us loose it. They make up 85% of the entire current Dragonian race.

Light Red (Female)-All Dragonian Females are pink or light red. They only lay two eggs, but since current illnesses have broken out, the two eggs have a 91 percent chance of being male. They make up 10% of the Dragonian Race.

Sub Elder-Elders walk on four legs and do not look like Dragonians; rather they look like dragons from earth. They are extremely intelligent; they make up 4% of the Dragonian race.

Great Elder-Great Elders are just even bigger and smarter versions of the Sub Elders, they make excellent leaders. They make up 1% of the Dragonian race.

Black Dragonian (Warrior)-Warriors are extinct, there is only one left, Dracoraptor. They are upgrades of the Reds, they can fly. They air sacs in their wing bones that store lighter then air gasses. They live fore five hundred years, Reds live 200, and Elders are unknown.

A.T.=After Tools
A.R.=Age of Reason
B.T.=Before Technology
B.S.=Before Space
A.D.=Age of Death
N.A.=New Age

1 A.T.-Dragonians make use of tools, evolve quickly.
100 A.T.-Dragonians make use of the sub species of Dragonians to lead advance hunting parties.
1000 A.T.-First Dragonian empire start, Kulack.
1500 A.T.-Kulack falls and a new empire starts, Empire.
1506 A.T.-Concrete invented, along with Steel and a native Dragonian metal, Mist.
3000 A.T.-Empire starts a city state like government and is very much like Rome.
5000 A.T.-Steam is invented. Age of Reason start.

1 A.R.-Trade expands through steam powered trains and boats.
500 A.R.-Empire stops expanding, religious riots.
600 A.R.-Religious riots are everywhere in Dragonian, A.R. stops, B.T. begins.

1 B.T.-Religious group, the Solar Cult, is formed.
500 B.T.-Riots worsening, first computers built, rockets quickly follow.
506 B.T.-Solar Cult breaks up when first rockets launch a satellite proving their religious theories wrong, no religious groups in Dragonia up to this day. B.S. Starts.

69 B.S.-First satellites reach Dragonia's moon, Veea'He'Le'Re .
100 B.S.-New funding from a new empire, originating from Empire, Phoenix, land first colony on Veea'He'Le'Re.
140 B.S.-Materials on Lunaria sent to Phoenix begin a large city growing program.
400 B.S.-Planets in system, Meta and Icea colonized after years of rocket testing and hyper drive research. Dragonia renamed Dragonia Prime, Dragonia Prime first city planet in the galaxy besides Grouel One. Oceans are protected by laws.
500 B.S.-Buildings reach 3 km average in height, Dragonia Prime turns into a neutral zone, Phoenix falls, Galactic Space Empire (Government) rises and rules to the present.
501 B.S.-First Contact with aliens, the trader race Tradarians. Intergalactic trade begins, races are close allies.
700 B.S.-Terrans, Arctannians and Memaus contacted, age of death shortly follows.

1 A.D.-Dragonians killed for meat, scales (Excellent armour), horns, and medical properties, humans cure cancer with dragonian tissue.
100 A.D.-Large groups of humans, Greys, Memaus, and Tradarians sign the great trade pact, which also protects Dragonains from bounty hunters, killing does not cease.
200 A.D.-Dragonain population falls to one million from a hundred billion in 1 A.D. Humans and Tradarians populate the majority of Dragonia Prime and it's system. Dragonian slaughters stop after rarity of them increases (And money to hire bounty hunters). Dragonians finish the great equator space station, which runs through the planets equator all around. Most massive object built, can be seen from telescope on other planets out of the system and at night.

A.D.-Age of Death ends, N.A.-New Age begins.
7 N.A.-Present.