View Full Version : HITMAN - great game for showcasing AI capabilities

12th Mar 2016, 23:37
I wonder, is it possible to create video games AI so advanced, that could be in line with human behaviour?

There is really nice article on Wikipedia about AI in video games, especially in AI combat paragraph.


I know people and scientists are a bit scared when it comes to robots AI and so on. Even Stephen Hawking been warning humanity about potential consequences. But is it really the case in video games where there is no real life threat to humans?

As far as raw shooters are concerned such as Battlefield/CoD AI would go down to hiding when on low hp, when reloading and so on.

But in Hitman it is much more complex. All this games are based on scripts which are triggered when specific action occurs. But I would love to see something a lot more advanced. What you guys think?

13th Mar 2016, 00:27
As far as AI goes, when developments are made it would not occur in videogames at first. Scientists all over the world who are doing research on artificial intelligence do not work for videogame firms and so won't bring their research over to any game companies. Among the businessmen warning people about AI is Elon Musk, known for the Tesla cars, but even he has no real evidence on AI progression, he only has a vision. So does Stephen Hawking. Personally I would love to see the "next generation" of AI in videogames, but it proves to be very difficult and time consuming to execute, for now.