View Full Version : Challenges Not Saving

12th Mar 2016, 18:27
I love the Hitman series. Although I do not echo popular opinion I was even a massive fan of Absolution. I have defended in YouTube comments the decision to make this episodic. After a really tough week at work I had the weekend to look forward to as I began playing a long anticipated game...

Apart from the fact that I've lost connection with the server three times now during a mission, which immediately ends the mission, and even though there's nothing wrong with my internet connection, the most annoying aspect of my day one experience is that the challenges are not saving.

I'm an absolute completionist so I want to unlock all 13 challenges on the yacht before I go to the final test. It took about three tries to get the Private Meeting challenge to save; I'd do everything right, the picture appeared during the mission to say I'd done it, I'd finish the mission, but it wasn't unlocked; ironically the secret achievement unlocked (Xbox One) the first time I did it. After the third try when I went back into the mission it had finally saved: 10/13 complete.

Now I'm trying to get the last 3: rat poison and drown (which go together), and the lifeboat accident challenge. I've done the poison/drown three times now and even though the pictures appear during the mission when I finish the challenge it is not unlocked. The same is true for the lifeboat challenge, although I've only completed the mission once with that.

I'm sorry, but this is unacceptable. There doesn't appear to be any information/acknowledgement from Square Enix to say that they are aware of or care about the obvious day one problems. :thud: