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3rd Jul 2002, 15:24
“Ahhh, life in the good ole' hive. They were happy times as I remember it."-Thyorian Grekka Targ Commander Caste Leader, (He was forced to say that).

The Thyorian Grekka what hive?

Before Grekka Targs split up into two different nationalities, there was one big hive for each planet. A hive is of course a collection of Grekka Targs in which there are millions, of billions, of trillions of identical Targs in each caste. Each of which knows their purpose, orders, and leaders immediately when they are born. Their goals are simple. Goal number one: Protect the queen. Goal number two: Protect the hive. And goal number three: Kill all foreigners. This is the way of the hive, or Se'Vi as the Targs call it in the native language of Se'Ra'Shey'Beep. Which in translation means Thyorian Grekka Targ language of strange beeps.

The Hive Structure.

Hives are the size of planets. Why? Because the queen likes to lay eggs, that's why. Hives have numerous huge hive buildings constructed on the surface and underground. Here are the known structures at the time.
Royal Chamber: Usually placed on the most magnetic field on the planet (So that would be the poles). This holds the queen so she may lay eggs and never have to move her whole life. The building's interior is a dome, two miles high and wide. Millions of soldiers inhabit and guard the Royal Chamber.
Storage Chambers: They hold food at cool temperatures so it may be eaten later. Can be five miles in diameter on farming hives.
Hatchery: Holds eggs until they hatch at high temperatures. Placed all over the hive to ensure hive has no weak spots in military.
Waste Chambers: Hold wastes such as dirt and drop them through a opening membrane when full to the center of the planet. Usually at the center of the planet the waste is burned to a crisp by molten lava or crushed by pressure.
Farm Chambers: The biggest of all structures. An almost miraculous feet of ten miles in diameter inside the main chamber with no pillars. Held together by mucus. Prey insects or fungi are held here and bred to be eaten later.
Sleeping Chamber: The most numerous of all, this holds sleeping Targs and puts them in suspended animation for a month in each honey-comb like sleeping chamber or "Bed". If there are too may Targs, most are put to sleep and await later orders here.


First off, there are several castes, or collections. First there is the Royal. Which consists the only fertile Targs. There is huge queens (With not to mention huge abdomens) which lay eggs and command the hive by sending out smell signals (They do not talk, instead they have over a million known smell "orders"). Then there are the drones, which are male. They are the only males besides scouts and they are the only fertile males. They mate with the queen and die. Then lastly of the royal caste, there is the Lesser-Queen. Which mate with the males and then set off to set a new colony on another planet. Lesser-Queens create "space" pods to travel in space. Which in English means they create a cocoon and launch them selves with plasma through a natural plasma duct in their abdomen.
The worker caste is the most numerous. Workers are not at all sentient and have the IQ of an ant. They spend all their lives working at a specific task. All look like the Scout Grekka Targ that appears on space stations. Except they are four legged and have no hands, instead, using their antennae as hands. The most common is the builder. Which build special structures to suit the hive's needs. Then there is the forager. Which forages and hunts for food in their large numbers. Lastly there is the nurse. Which have especially delicate fore arms that enable them to pick up eggs and regulate their temperature. Temperature effects Caste, gender, and other attributes.

Soldier Caste, the very name strikes fear into the hearts of many. The common soldier looks like a short version of your humans' praying mantis. Except the Common Grekka Soldier is about the size of you. And at top of it's "scythes", are two natural plasma chambers that fire laser blasts. Their armour is incredible; most laser blasts deflect off the light exo-skeleton. Their eyesight is colour, thermal, magnetic, and they also have echolocation. The Flying Soldier is a hybrid of this, it has wings. And the command version, the only sentient one, commands numerous units on the battlefield by smell organs. It looks very much like the Flying Soldier except it is bright red, not dark blue. The last is the scout soldier, the one we see on space stations. They are very intelligent and see in magnetic, heat, colour, and ultra-violet vision. Not to mention they can hear two times better then your humans' bat, elephant, and dog combined. They normally scout ahead for food or enemies, hence the wings and special organs. They are also sentient. A long time ago, they left when the hives' no longer found it necessary to scout around their planets. So they were set free and now roam space as traders, traffic controllers, spies, and com sensor specialists.

The Hive's relations...

When a Queen starts a small "semi-hive" on a planet, they immediately grow their abdomen to a large size a start laying eggs. Usually they are sent an escort along with them to start a new hive. The new escort creates a new identification marking. Meaning they grow different stripes, markings, or such. When an army is sufficient, they go attacking the planet's natural inhabitants till they are wiped out. Then the planet is naturally terraformed in less then a hundred years by growing new flora and raising new fauna on it. Mission Accomplished. Hives never communicate with each other, although if an unfortunate queen happens to end up on a hive infested planet, she is immediately killed.

End Notes...

Hives are fascinating, deadly, and feared. Scientists who have died trying to find out more have been revered throughout Turraken, Grey, and Salt Hog societies. But there is still much to know. Who knows? Maybe one day we will be able to make peace with the insect savages? (Phst, yeah right). Or maybe be eaten alive!