View Full Version : Episodic + Pre-Order - Not fair to those that pre-ordered

12th Mar 2016, 16:18
Hey all,

I pre-ordered back when the Beta was planned for September, I was happy to wait and I liked the thought of supporting one of the best franchises I have ever played. Once we got the beta I played the two levels I got with it and I imagine every other Beta user did too.

Then on the release day, these levels that we have already completed and mastered were included in the launch bundle.

For all Beta users this leaves us with only one level on launch as we have already played the others (several times for me).

If someone bought the game today they would have 3 levels to play, the training 2 and Paris, for the people who pre-ordered we basically only got one level!

So we, the ones who paid at the start have lost out.

If your going to stick with episodic releases, please take into consideration what you have already let the pre-orderer play, and look at what they will receive on launch day and compare it to what a regular buyer would receive and make it fair!

Fairness is due to those that are willing.

The game looks and plays bloody amazing though, good work on bringing 47 back into the world :)

Now I must leave as I have a plane to Paris to catch..

12th Mar 2016, 16:28
Well, see this as it is : pre-ordering the game gave you access to the beta.
Which means you had the right to play the game at beta stage before everyone else.
Aint that was a beta is?

12th Mar 2016, 16:30
Its an early access model that they're advertising as episodic. People who don't pre-order the full game end up paying 5 bucks more in the long run (which isn't a lot by any means but it almost seems like a punishment for hesitation).

They made it clear that locations would be monthly - I advise everyone to really read between the lines when dishing out $60 for an incomplete product.

12th Mar 2016, 16:52
No gripes about the Beta, I am fully aware as to what I got and I'm happy about it.

What I think they should consider in future episodic releases (if it happens) is the amount of actual new game-play a Beta user will receive on launch, taking into consideration that they have already completed certain levels, these levels then should not be included on launch.

So what everyone gets is new game-play on launch.

Please do this in the future if possible guys.