View Full Version : Blood Decals-PLEASE FIX

12th Mar 2016, 16:00

Seeing that the point of an episodic release is to implement fan feedback, this post is intended to get the intention of those at SE or IOI responsible for future patches/updates.

The black blood decals on bodies when shot are severely immersion breaking and an unwelcome change to an already perfect body damage system from Blood Money and Absolution.

Please consider this when implementing changes in the next patch. Not sure why this decision was made, but it really neuters the effect of shooting someone. Why change something that was already perfect to begin with?


13th Mar 2016, 01:31
This is one of the most baffling aspects of the game to me, because I felt like the last two games had the blood down perfectly. It's not ruining the game for me by any means, but it is putting a damper on the fun because the blood just looks so weird.

13th Mar 2016, 03:39
I loved the Hitman franchise. I have a platinum trophy in absolution. They absolutely ruined the blood in this game. The little black blood that they have looks terrible.When you shoot someone it looks like your hitting a sandbag. Is this some type of cruel joke. Square Enix really dropped the ball on this. What the @##@ were they thinking.They are killing the long time fan base. I was so excited about this game coming out for so long. I am completely disappointed. Bring the blood from absolution back ASAP or else I'm not gonna pay another $60 for the next Hitman from Square Enix. You can't grab someone as a human shield really sucks too.

13th Mar 2016, 05:26
I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I would love to keep showing support, but I feel betrayed as a loyal customer. I cannot fathom what the decision making process behind this entailed...The technical issues like the framerate, load times, and pop in--fine...the graphics are great and the game has much potential, so giving the team a pass on this and allow them time to iron out the wrinkles isn't THAT bad...but what was it like? IOI: "How about the body damage, how should we depict it? Oh lets take everything realistic and satisfying about all of our previous games, and replace it with an unrealistic and dissatisfying solution, black blood. Yeah, black blood sounds great, that will definitely please the long term fans and the newcomers. Can we have a vote? all for black raise your hand...sorry everyone who voted for red, we all know that blood is black anyways, we must have severely erred when dealing with the body damage in the previous games..."

I don't understand. I get it, it's now an industry standard to push games out by the deadline and fix framerate, load times, and streaming in the weeks post launch, but a significant aesthetic detail such as this? Baffled is more than an appropriate term.

I hope the devs shut me up quickly and patch these issues, but man after all those dev diaries and video posts on the official hitman youtube channel, like did anyone from the team play the game?