View Full Version : Servers keep crashing!! North America.

12th Mar 2016, 14:56
I beat the tutorial and episode 1 with no problem and I'm trying to do contracts. It worked for a while yesterday and then yesterday night it kicked me off and continues to do do. How can the servers work and then stop. It's usually the other way. I'm sick of all these companies offering 80 betas and then the severs not working properly. Has SE addressed the issues or anything?

12th Mar 2016, 15:06
They need to just make the online connection for elusive targets, sharing contracts and other "online" features and let us complete challenges, get ratings and make use of other "single player" content without requiring a connection to servers which may or may not function.

It's tolerable when companies make an online connection a requirement in a multiplayer only game but there is absolutely no reason to do so in a single player title. Either SE fixes this or they will join Rockstar and Ubisoft on my list of publishers I will never purchase from again.

12th Mar 2016, 18:20
As soon as they get their server issues under control it will probably be a pretty cool system BUT... for now it's a terribly flawed system whereas if their servers go down so does your game AND progress until they come back up.

Be wary- I tried starting an Offline mode game for the downtime and it auto-saved over all of my Online Mode game saves within about an hour of gameplay.