View Full Version : where is the tech forum to report bugs we find? I will start here.

12th Mar 2016, 14:46
Clipping issue:



12th Mar 2016, 14:54
This is no bug, but connecting to SEM really does not work well. When I first started up today, I had to retry 5 or 6 times until it finally connected. Now I started again and it wouldn't connect at all.
Also, I find it bad that a connection is always required and that saves and challenges are not interchangeable between offline/online.
I have a pretty slow connection which is also rather unstable on top of that, and not being able to play because I have to be online all the time is a real showstopper to me. I thought people had learned from Ubisoft.
Also, why is the performance so bad compared to the beta? Could play that with no less than 80 fps, now I regularly get drops to around 30. R9 390, i5-6600, 8GB RAM

After the beta I was really optimistic about the whole thing, but as it is now, I am not so sure anymore. Right I now I regret having bought the full experience.

12th Mar 2016, 15:45
This is no bug

Well, we could discuss about this statement, but anyway I see your point. No doubt the connection issues are much more important rather then some bodies melting into the ground.
To be honest I experienced only 1 o 2 disconnections in 6 hrs of gameplay, so can't really complain much in comperison with other people here. Also the performance is not horrible for me. Some fps drop here and there, sure, but nothing particulary bad. I noticed that if you sart fireworks this is when stuff gets ugly with frame rate.