View Full Version : Server crashing PS4 in Aus

12th Mar 2016, 11:42
It's been almost 2 days since the release and I still can't get through the second part of the tutorial without the server crashing and getting booted from my game. It's getting real old, real fast. Such an impractical thing to make a necessity when playing a game like Hitman, and then for it not to work on opening day, just plain sucks.
Anyone else having this issue?

12th Mar 2016, 13:23
i have it on xbox...half way in the mission disconnected from server back to the menu,who the f came with this idea i swear:)) its so mind boggling its actually funny

12th Mar 2016, 14:38
Same here on Xbox one.
I am 2 Minutes Max online and then getting disconnected from the Server and Return to the Main Screen
That sucks

12th Mar 2016, 14:47
I'm having an issue on PS4. I beat the tutorial and episode 1 but every time I try to do a contract I get kicked offline and it won't reconnect. Hope they fix this soon as contracts are about the only draw once you're done with the story.