View Full Version : How do you get the Contract Assassin Trophy/Achievement

12th Mar 2016, 07:49
I tried getting all the main trophies for Hitman, got all of them except the contract assassin trophy, which is says you get for completing 10 contracts, I have completed like 14 or 15 of them, but still don't get any trophy, is it enought just to complete those contracts, or do i have to do anything extra

12th Mar 2016, 08:59
Im having the same issue. Would like to know whats up.

12th Mar 2016, 22:07
Logged in this morning, got the trophy after completing one. ?????

20th Mar 2016, 15:01
Its the only trophy i have left and ive done about 20-30 contracts and still dont have it.
Ive done 2 escalations so i know for a fact ive done more than 10. Ive done a lot more of the other contracts and made a few myself and done them too and still waiting for that trophy to pop.
After this lame launch, broken trophies, lost of Pre-order DLC its not making me like the game more, i now regret getting it. I shouldve waited for it to be finished and brought the disc then i wouldve been happy with it.

I might delete it, wait tillcdecember when its finally finished and download the whole complete game as now it sucks.
Its NOT finished now. It feels like a alpha test as its still too buggy for a beta test.

The open beta is exactly like the first 2 levels of the game. Kinda makes me thing the whole game is pre-final, i say alpha as its got bugs and you are still patching it and its not all there. I say give it another 3 months then it might be in beta format. 6 months before its finished.
Now, tell me im wrong. I bet you cant as you know as well as i do its buggy and not final. If it is you are really bad at making games.

And after this crap i WONT be buying the next Hitman game. I was a huge hitman fan but youve killed that for me. Only way to fix it is to finish the game and scrap the episodic crap and just release it full now, finished.

20th Mar 2016, 22:54
I cant get the contract assassin trophy. Ive done like 20 contracts (a mix of escalation, featured, and "latest contracts"; not to mention playing my own created contracts) but i cant get the trophy to unlock. Ive completed all 3 escalation contracts and it even shows that ive completed all 5 levels of the contracts with the skulls but theres no checkmark by the contract in the menu so its not registering that ive completed them

22nd Mar 2016, 17:06