View Full Version : Impressions of the gunplay in the new Hitman

12th Mar 2016, 07:29
Is it just me or does the gunplay in the new Hitman just feel whoefully unsatisfying?

First thing that struck me was that gun sounds are flat and lack any sense of power, so much so that assault rifles ingame sound like they are silenced SMGs, the smallest pistol is louder than the assault rifle ingame for petes sake! o.O

Second thing I noticed was the lack of any form of weapon customization, dual wielding pistols is also gone. In addition to that, besides from the Colt 1911's its all fantasy weapons, and none of them are interesting really..

Finally there's the effect of hits and the target reaction to being shot - for some reason people can suffer shots straight to the heart or spinal area and still remain upright, and there seems to be little difference between being shot by a pistol as opposed to an assault rifle. In addition to this there seems to be general lack of any gore effects.

As a result in the end I am just left with this empty feeling of uninteresting fantasy guns that I can't customize in any way, that sound flat and unconvincing and don't really seem to have anything that really sets them apart :(

Sad result considering that great gunplay was one of the things that made the early Hitman games so great.