View Full Version : PC - Steam - Startup crash

11th Mar 2016, 22:32
If I change to directx 12 (which my gpu can't do) it will at least get me to the menu. However, if I switch it to 11, I can't even get the game to boot. Beta worked beautifully. No idea what changed. Tried running the game from the launcher in admin mode to no avail.

11th Mar 2016, 22:57
Same problem that I had with XCOM 2 - Steam says "Running" then "Synch" and then doesn't start. I have DirectX12, a very fast computer, GeoForce GTX Titan dual card, Windows 10, never had this problem with past Hitman games or past XCOM games.

11th Mar 2016, 23:09
Christ, if you're having problems with a titan, then I don't know what to do. Did you ever get Xcom fixed? I've verified the game cache more than I can count. Even redownloaded the whole thing. It makes no sense, especially when the Beta ran so beautifully.