View Full Version : Game says I don't own any of the (non-beta) missions, but I bought the complete game?

11th Mar 2016, 19:34
Title pretty much says it all, I bought the complete experience from Green Man Gaming and got a Steam key earlier today, installed it and started playing after it unlocked. I was able to play through the training again (which I'd already done in the beta), but after finishing it tells me I need to buy the Paris level, even though I own it.

If I follow the link to the steam store like it says, it doesn't even give me the option to buy it (saying the game is already in my library), so I'm pretty sure it's not a problem with the Steam key.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Found the solution on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/HiTMAN/comments/49zxc4/psa_you_need_to_update_your_game_to_access_the/

You need to manually force it to download the Paris DLC.

11th Mar 2016, 22:26
For me I realized I still had the beta installed and uninstalled it then restarted game, everything was unlocked then.