View Full Version : It's 11 March - Steam says I can't play yet

11th Mar 2016, 09:25
It's 10:28 A.M. in Poland.
When is the final hour of the release date?
If it's EST, it seems I'll be able to play at 3:01P.M., am I right?

11th Mar 2016, 10:45
I took one day off from work to play...
Thx to f--u--c--k--i--n--g realease i can wait till 18pm local time, but wait, i have other things to do and can test it next week.

So thanks for the ******* friday Eidos

If i had a console with less power for graphic, i could play right away at 12am.

Looks like EA bought Eidos.

Again thanks for nothing

11th Mar 2016, 14:10
Same. guess steam ****ed up..

11th Mar 2016, 14:11
never mind

11th Mar 2016, 14:33
Ok, I found out: UK 17:01 11th March GMT
So, it's only 2.5 hours.