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3rd Jul 2002, 13:42
Hre’Gra’Veea: The Red Demon
Version 1.1 Documentry

Make: Dragonian Flagship
Length: 10 Miles (16.7 Kilometers)
Height: 4.5 Miles (7.5 Kilometers)
Width: 1.8 Miles (3 Kilometers) Excluding Thrusters, 4 Miles (6.7 Kilometers) Including
Anti-Capital Ship Turrets: 1000
Anti-Star Fighter Turrets: 2500
Energy Torpedo Launchers: 150
Dragon Modular Fighters: 250
Mecha Dropships: 10
"Warrior" Attack Mecha: 100
"Terra-Warrior" Flying Mecha: 30
"Spider" Artillery Mecha: 20
Command Mecha: 10
Command Dragon Fighters: 5
Crew: 1 Grand Admiral, 290 Pilots, 7000 Gunners, 700 Gun Command Officers, 500 Engineers, 450 Torpedo Room Officers, 20 Communication Officers, 10 Navigation Officers, 4 Helmsmen, 5 Command Officers, 130 Flight Officers, 104 Command Officers, 10 Chief Engineers, 20 Intelligence Officers, 10 Chefs, 10 Psi-Corps Officers, 1 Rear Admiral, 1 First-Mate, Total: 5416 (Consisting mostly of Terrans)
Manufacturer: Imperial Shipyards: Military Orbital Shipyards on Kadesh, an asteroid, Tradarian Engine Factories, Nova Meta Mythril Inc., Dragonian Fine Art Co.
Manufacturing Time: 30 Galactic Years
Hyper-Drive Class: .2
Sub-Light Speed: 30 Miles (50 Kilometers) per hour. Faster speeds possible.
Strength: Your better off committing suicide if you want to fight the Red Demon....
Notes: Originally to be much smaller, the Red Demon is a leviathan capable of crushing enemy lines into shreds. It all started back before the New-Age timeline in the Dragonian calendar. Knowing the high-tech, organic ship, the Falcon’s Talon, would actually die in a few years because of the lack of an appropriate, “Food“ source, the Dragonian council decided it would be best to construct a ship far stronger, but still organic. They naturally held a contest to see which architect could design the best ship, whilst still being organic and sturdy.

When the entries came in, the winner was famed ship designer Sle’Long, five hundred and fifty-nine years old and former Dragonian Grand-Elder. His five-mile long ship was a work of art, rather than a military experiment. The six thrusters were arranged much like branches of a tree, the ship’s bow sloped downwards, and the interior was like an artist’s dream. But even more interesting, was the way he thought of the armor, which to this day, is the strongest material in the galaxy. The organic mythril “Grown” on Nova-Meta in the vast caves can be strengthen with certain chemicals and energy waves. But Sle’Long mastered the art of combining it with another metal, and making it less organic. Thus, the mythril would no longer be so organic, but in the mean while, it still was. The pros of organic armor is simple, you don’t need to repair the ship often because the armour grows back perfectly, and most laser hits are heavily absorbed, not to mention E.M.P. weapons will not effect effect the ship at all. But the con to very organic mythril armour is the way it sucks up energy, making it rot away rather quickly. His secret is heavily guarded, and only few know of it.

Then the ship was constructed by several contractors in a secluded area for thirty years. Constructed by hand, it was created by the hands of various Dragonian artesian and craftsmen. After thirty years of grueling work, the ship was actually constructed doubled the five miles size. Before construction, the contractors agreed the ship should have been bigger, so they secretly constructed it with new rooms and hangers, increasing the ships size. Not only did this give more room, but it could make the ship a formidable enemy. In fact, they even placed pop-up turrets everywhere along the ship, and various hangers in the belly of the ship for strategic launch. The Dragonian Empire agreed, the ship was experimental, but also agreed it would be the new flagship in five years. The ship was secretly launched, and named the Hre’Gra’Veea, the Red Demon, after its color scheme.

After the launch, Grand Admiral Dracoraptor was commanded to command it for many test runs, all were successful, and the ship was pressed into full time Dragonian Navy service. In the few battles it served in, it tore the enemy to shreds, quickly, and without mercy. Not only did the fighters assist, but the pop-up turrets surprised the enemy, usually mistaking the ship for a Tradarian cargo ship.

Life aboard the Red Demon is quite good. Not only do the automated bars, theaters, and the Bio-Deck along the spine provide recreational entertainment, but the mess halls, lobbies, and even barracks have been rated five star. There is not a room without a beautiful Dragonian statue or organic wall and ceiling. Expensive tapestries hang everywhere, and large, expansive hallways litter the ship. Overall, the Red Demon is a beautiful, yet deadly ship.

3rd Jul 2002, 20:43
Ships of the Galaxy: The Hre'Grav'Veea's Assault Mecha

Version 1.00

Mecha, which is short for Mechanized Fighting Forces (Which just used to be MFF), are bipedal, three story tall machines that strike terror into the hearts of their enemies. Originally clumsy, they are now swift and powerful.

"Warrior" Assualt Mecha:

Make: Massed Produced Mecha
Height: 30 Feet (10 Metres)
Armourments: 1 Mythril Katana (In Sheath Attached to Left Leg), 1 Repeater Rifle, 1 Secondary Laser Pistol (Hidden in Legs), 1 Large Shield (Attached to the side of the left Elbow)
Crew: 1 Pilot
Speed: 40 MPH (66.7 KPH)
Reactor Type: Mini-Cold Fusion Battery (MK VIII)
Manufacturers: Imperial Mecha Works (Subsidary of Imperial Ship-Yards)
Notes: The "Warrior" Assault Mecha, despite being massed produced, is much more efficent than any tank or hover-tank. Their legs and advanced hydraulic joints provide the neccasary mobility for rough terrain. And their Mythril katana provides provides heavy protection along with the Mythril shield, which is 25 by 22 Feet, enough to block most enemy fire. The Warrior, despite being the oldest design of Dragonian Military Mecha, is six years old.

(Upcoming Info:The Other Mecha and Grand Admiral Dracoraptor's Private Dropship/Shuttle.)