View Full Version : Player triggered script events? No return to the "clockwork" system? Disappointed.

10th Mar 2016, 19:06
So reading early views on the game it sounds like this Hitman will again have scripted events which require the player to trigger them.

I thought IO understood that we don't want this. We don't want to have to show up to make a particular script event trigger.

The whole joy of Hitman games used to be that we could come along, observe and analyse things which happened independent of us. We could plan to interject ourselves into these mechanics to achieve our kill. For example, knowing that the target will frequent a certain place and do a certain thing in a clockwork system. We could watch this happen multiple times before coming up with our cunning plan of action.

But again, as with other recent iterations of the game, it looks as though those things are out. Again these scripted behaviors won't happen until we make them happen with our presence.

Don't IO understand that this is taking out the very thing which originally made these games good and satisfying to play?

I really thought that this time we would be going back to the mechanics of Blood Money, this "triggered" way of doing things is what ruined the last Hitman game, we want the "clockwork" mechanic back, we want things to go on independant of our actions, we want to observe the patterns and time our interventions based on them. But that is not compatable with this "triggered" way of doing things.

I'm really disappointed.

10th Mar 2016, 21:09
At least they called it [CAPS LOCK] HITMAN to prove that it's a "pure Hitman experience."

11th Mar 2016, 05:03
I'd already given up on the blatant lie that this has anything to do with feedback and giving people what they want, but I'm honestly surprised they've pretty much not addressed this (REPEATEDLY STATED) concern in any real way.

Oh well, at least we know now, hopefully those who preordered and care about this find out in time to cancel. I myself won't be spending a cent until it's all out. After all, if fans crying out at a BETA wasn't enough to create change, how is supporting this ridiculous release method going to result in anything good for us?

11th Mar 2016, 06:25
this never stopped me from enjoying Blood Money and i doubt itll stop me from enjoying the first 2 episodes of HITMAN.

although i do believe a time cycle should be present with every map so we see the sun set and guards change shifts and people leave the map as the day comes to a close, etc.....would add alot of realism to the maps. hopefully with the next installment, they take this step and make the levels as realistic as possible without too much scripting.

11th Mar 2016, 07:00
this never stopped me from enjoying Blood Money and i doubt itll stop me from enjoying the first 2 episodes of HITMAN.

I think you're misunderstanding what people are referring to, as this kind of thing was not present in Blood Money except in the tutorial mission. Play the tutorial, then A Vintage Year, and you'll see how different it is when it uses proximity triggers.

If Blood Money had this kind of scripting, you could start up a level, open the map and see the target standing somewhere motionless, and those split-screen events would never happen.

11th Mar 2016, 07:57
the first episode is about to be Live in about 3 minutes so ill play the game for a few hours and come back and tell you guys how much this scripting completely Ruins my experience overall lol :l

11th Mar 2016, 11:00
yeahh No....Novakov's scripted walking down stairs doesnt bother me at all lol. great game, HUGE freaking map, great A.I......just enjoy the game dudes.