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10th Mar 2016, 01:27
So I recently (yesterday - 3/8/2016) purchased FFXIII on Steam. I'm trying to use my Xbox One controller. I have the Wireless Adapter for Windows, and have all my drivers up to date, as well as Windows 10 up to date. I have already sent in a support ticket to Square about this, with no response so far. I have seen other people on Steam have this same issue, and no "fixes" actually work. Microsoft has also added a fix for the Xbox One controller so it works with most games, since that was part of the problem.

My actual issue comes into play when I open any window, this includes trying to cycle through the home menu (before starting the game,) opening the save menu, or even character menu.

So my question is this: Since I'm on Windows 10, Steam, and using an Xbox One controller, is there any *real* fixes for this? Or do I really need to wait for Square to update FFXIII on Steam?

Please read everything before responding.

12th Mar 2016, 20:24

I also received a message from SE support, if you could call it that. The support was representative deliberately going around the issue of what was brought up, so much that they suggested I use a "wired Xbox 360 controller." ..Now wait a moment. I am asking about a fix for my Xbox One controller. An out dated controller has *nothing* to do with what I was asking about, especially since a Xbox One controller should work better, since it's a direct upgrade in every way.

So again I'll ask for assistance for my problem. And I know I'm not the only one.