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27th Oct 2012, 22:54
So, one year has passed. In the first month, there was confirmation of localization, and then silence. Some petitons have emerged, Project Crystalis is alive and kicking, but, I still think that Type-0 should be priority, because you know, one year already. Today another group, focusing on Type-0 localization was created, Operation Suzaku. Their info:

website - operation-suzaku.com/ (http://operation-suzaku.com/)
twitter - twitter.com/OperationSuzaku (https://twitter.com/OperationSuzaku)
facebook - www.facebook.com/pages/Operation-Suzaku/... (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Operation-Suzaku/280657358719978)
petition - www.avaaz.org/po/petition/Localize_Final... (http://www.avaaz.org/po/petition/Localize_Final_Fantasy_Type0_for_the_West/)

I know PhsycoNinja will ask about Versus XIII and say it's important, he already did on Twitter. But, IMHO, Type-0 is the game we should focus on. Second would be Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, third Versus XIII and last FF X HD. Because their status are released, released, no info and no info, respectively. So, let's get the games already out on Japan, after we think about the games that no one has.

28th Oct 2012, 00:11
I concur. I'm much more interested in hearing about localization plans about a game that's already been released for over a year.

I've been maintaining a hopeful stance we'll get the game by the end of the year, but now I'll settle on just hearing something from the NA or EU branch about Type-0 plans before New Years.

I didn't want to say this because I still love my PSP system and am not in a hurry to move on to the Vita, but if the plan is to release on enhanced HD port for the Vita, you win. I'll say it here now: I WILL BUY A VITA JUST FOR A HYPOTHETICAL TYPE-0 RELEASE.

Are you happy now, Sony? ;A;

28th Oct 2012, 02:29
Why have I been singled out. Lol. I am just kidding.

What I said on Twitter was that there were already quite a few petitions for Type-0 including the one from Project Crystallis. I just found it a bit much to start ANOTHER petition.

With that said I concur that Square Enix North America should focus on localizing the game while Nomura's team in Japan should finish Versus XIII. Two completely different teams that wouldn't interfere in any way with each other. I don't see why fans couldn't ask for both.

28th Oct 2012, 08:29
It would make sense for Square Enix America to work on translating Final Fantasy Type-0 NOW. What else would their translating sector be doing? There aren't really any Square Enix Japan games being planned for release in Western society right now.

28th Oct 2012, 10:28
I support Project Suzaku.

28th Oct 2012, 23:24
i agree typo should be Localised in NA the game looks great i want it almost as much as i want versus 13

the only game i could possibly see the translating team working on is Lightning returns which ive already stated my opinion on in other threads and im not going to comment about it in here only reason why i say lightning returns is if i remember correctly 13-2 was released in NA before JP which leads me to believe they have therr translating team working on the finished parts of the game as its still in production