View Full Version : Can't download episode 4&5

9th Mar 2016, 23:02
I bought the season pass yesterday and try to put the three remain episodes I already play the first two, but when I try to download the 3 i can't so i download only the 3rd and wait, so i try to download the 4rt and when i launch the game and go to episodes, the 4&5 says Downloading, but theres no download file and can't put to download again, i try diferent ways, delete the season pass and download a again, delete the update to play online, and nothing happened says Downloading, but cant put to download again, and when i go to the store a try download from there, but says i didn't have it yet, and wants to charge me the cost of a single episode, what i will do?

10th Mar 2016, 07:05
I delete the game complete from the hd and download again, and had the same error on episode 4 n 5, when I go to episodes inside the game and try to download again the 4 n 5 says Downloading and cant download it. by the way I'm on xbox 360