View Full Version : FAO: TRLE Designers who are also 3D MAX Users

Wee Bald Man
3rd Jul 2002, 10:38
Hi all,

I am curious to know how many TRLE members there are that are actively using 3D Studio Max, (for mesh editing and FMV creation).

I'd like to be able to share info on MAX techniques used that are particular to creating TR levels.

It would be useful to know what folks use MAX so that we can get an idea of our combined skill set. Let me know whether you use MAX and what you use it for:

I'll kick off:


USE: Mesh editing (object creation), room geometry editing, animation editing, FMVs.

MAX USER FOR: 6 years.

CURRENT USE OF MAX FOR TRLE: Mesh editing. Creating low-poly pre-rendered FMVs.

FUTURE AIMS: Experimenting with changing Lara's animations (in conjunction with TRViewer). To build a resource library of MAX tutorials specifically for TR level designers.



D. Jackson
3rd Jul 2002, 11:52
I'm also using 3D Studio MAX to create new animations and objects for my levels. :cool:

3rd Jul 2002, 12:36
Oh :o no no no, I'm just a begginer and can't do anything for TRLE with MAX yet. But you can count on me in the future ;) :D