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5th Mar 2016, 22:26
Hi, I Pre-Purchased Hitman via square enix store and had access to the beta, to which I played. Ive now got the option to purchase the intro pack via steam. Is there any benefit of me getting it, do I get anything more than I wouldnt get in my pre purchase. What will it contain that I wont get come march 11th.

5th Mar 2016, 23:25
If you pre-purchased the 'full experience', you get everything as it comes out. No need to worry about buying anything else.

5th Mar 2016, 23:37
If you purchased the digital Full Experience you don't need the intro pack ( since you got acces to absolutely everything ). The Intro Pack contain the prologue, and the paris location ( the yatch mission, the "Final test" and the Paris missions ) on Steam it say that you also have complete acces to the contract mode and elusive target ( sorry I can't paste you the link I'm on a f****ng Ipad and don't know how it's work )

But if you bough the disk version ( wich I doubt since you bough the game in the square enix store ) you won't get anyting till the end of the year. so watch it out!