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3rd Mar 2016, 15:16
Hi all,

Firstly before anyone tells me to "check out other threads before starting a new one" - I have and still not found the answer.

My question is how do I get the Xbox One version of the Intro Pack / Upgrade Pack in the UK?

I cannot find it anywhere.

As far as I can tell, I can see the following:

- Intropack on Gamestop / Amazon in the US.
- It's not on the Xbox Store.
- There's only the Physical copy listed for the UK/EU, which isn't out til later in the year.

Does anyone know if we buy the US Digital Code to download, it'll work in the UK?

I assume that once you have downloaded the Intro Pack you can then pay in game for the Upgrade Pack?

Thanks in advance.

3rd Mar 2016, 19:52
Hopefully a dev will reply to it. But this release has been ugly, confusing and a complete mess.
It seems Sony is deep inside SE and possibly IO. As stated in multiple threads noone really knows. There hasn't even been a chance for a beta on Xbox. God knows how it will run. It simply infuriates me and most other people.
But most likely they will fart out a xbox version on launch day.
Good luck

3rd Mar 2016, 22:58
I wouldn't advise purchasing a US code to use in the UK. It isn't guaranteed to work, especially since it's a different region and digital codes are non-refundable. With that being said, there's a lot of fog surrounding HITMAN's release on Xbox One; it seems like the only "available at the moment" version on Xbox One is the collector's edition.

I have to agree with IamRahx though, HITMAN's release has truly been very confusing, indeed.