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1st Mar 2016, 13:22
I could've swore I saw a thread for this some months ago, but am unable to find it today. I am curious how Square stands on "Let's Play" videos on YouTube. Specifically, I've been contemplating doing one on both 'Parasite Eve' and 'FF12' and before I do any recording whatsoever I want to make sure everything will be fine. I'm one of the few that does not monetize my videos on YouTube, so I do not make money and/or profit from them financially in any way if that's a deciding factor (just throwing that out there).

1st Mar 2016, 23:05
Material Usage Policy (https://community.eidosmontreal.com/blog/Material-Usage-Policy)

2nd Mar 2016, 03:55
Thanks for that.

8th May 2016, 16:51
I didn't want to start a new thread for this, but if anyone on here could bring this to an official at Square's a ttention I think they may find it interesting that there are companies going around making false copyright claims on and therefore profiting off of their stuff.


9th May 2016, 09:32
Thank you, I will pass this on.

9th May 2016, 17:57
^^^^ Thank you, G.

16th May 2016, 13:24
I have a youtube channel that I put up my twitch streams of "Let's Play" videos. The latest installment is Final Fantasy IX. I know that Square Enix has a fairly liberal Fair Use agreement, but, Warner Chapell has claimed the Lundblum tune as their own.

Now, I just need to know who I can get in contact with, so I can arrange for Square Enix to monetize, or block monetization on my Final Fantasy videos (and I mean all current and future Let's Play Final Fantasy videos)

See, I *can't* monetize my videos. I've been blocked by Adsense for invalid click activity. I don't *want* to circumvent it for my own gain. If anyone deserves to see money from my videos, Square Enix is the one because they put in the actual financial and manpower investment into the game I'm playing.

So, tl;dr Who do I talk to to get Square Enix to put copyright claims on my videos to block Warner Chapell (Who has done **** all for the game)