View Full Version : Spoilers: Comic and Rise Trinity theory.

1st Mar 2016, 03:39
I've just had a wild thought. I'll keep it in spoiler tags in case of spoilers. If you quote any of it, please keep anything spoilery in tags.

So, in the comics Lara meets her uncle on her mother's side in order to get him to sign over the Croft Estate, which is rightfully hers. On the way to the meeting, she confides to Sam that her uncle blames Richard Croft for what happened to her mother. What that is, is a mystery. Mr DeMorney refuses her request as he sees her as unstable.

In Rise we see Lara at Croft Manor and she seemingly has raised the funds for her trip to Syria, then to Siberia. Did her uncle relent, or was he persuaded by other means? Perhaps Ana, as Richard's girlfriend had a word. Even with Amelia gone, her uncle is still family and perhaps was still in contact. Or, here's my wild theory, Ana and DeMorney know each other through Trinity? Perhaps Ana persuaded him to hand over the Croft Estate to Lara as she knew Lara would gather together Richard's research and ultimately lead them to the prophet etc. She could have asked to lead this mission with Konstantin (as we learn for their personal gain). Further to this, what if DeMorney is the mysterious voice in the final scene?

My theory stems from his belief that Richard was responsible for whatever happened to Amelia (probably accidental death due to an exhibition gone wrong). His hatred for his brother in-law intensified and this set in motion discrediting Richard's reputation and eventual faked suicide. Trinity themselves are seemingly responsible for covering up myths that could be true or in danger of being exposed, so Trinity could simply have zeroed in on Richard due to his research and adventuring reputation. But it could be more personal. Or both.

What say you?

Sorry if my thoughts are a bit muddled :p.