View Full Version : hitman beta for ps4 not available anymore

23rd Feb 2016, 16:26
Hi, yesterday i bought hitman's full experience and in playstore the description says that I could play the demo version. Now I read in some forums that demo version is not longer available. Are you going to release the demo again ? if dont, how can I get my money back ? because that is not what description says when I paid for it

23rd Feb 2016, 16:33
You've missed the beta, I'm afraid. The description is correct; when you pre-order the game, you gain guaranteed access to the beta, but unfortunately, you've missed that window. You'll have to either contact Sony for a pre-order cancellation or do it yourself from your account/purchases. However, the refund will go back as PSN store credit, not back to the payment method (credit card, PayPal, etc.)

23rd Feb 2016, 17:07
ufff. thanks for the response

24th Feb 2016, 21:02
Now that I'm think about it, the real 47 wouldn't have done this to a follower... shame of this new 47... shame of him

24th Feb 2016, 22:40
Beta reopens March 4th for ps4 and ps plus members only.