View Full Version : Dagnabbit, stupid xp. T2 wont install

3rd Jul 2002, 01:15
I cannot get thief 2 to install on my xp system, gateway, 20 meg hd, 1.6gighz, 128 megs of ram, i have a nVidia geforce somethin. its almost brand new, got it in february.

But anyway. when i start it up, usually it says that the wrong disc is in the drive when i install it (theif 2, disc one.). or if it doesn't do that.. after the install sheild thing finishes and goes to 100%, then nothing happens... no installation starts or anything.. i've had this game for a year now and havent been able to play it, it works on other peoples computers, so its not the disc, and it is NOT my cd rom drive, everything else works in it..

thanks... Please IM me on AOL, my nick is MGSnake15

Grey Mouser
3rd Jul 2002, 03:53
Make sure to download/install ALL CRITICAL UPDATES from Microsoft for your version of XP. Check under the Start Menu for "Window Update"...go there...download/install all the 25+ Critical Updates, some of which seem to address game compatibility issues for XP.

Don't run any background apps that have to do with your CD-ROM drive...stuff like DirectCD, or RealPlayer should be disabled when installing software.

Thief II installs without issue on my XP Home test unit, don't even need to use " -lgntforce".

3rd Jul 2002, 06:06
What GM says is undoubtedly true, but there is at least a possiblity that the switch he mentioned will help. To use the switch, insert the CD in the drive, hit Quit when the autorun starts, go to a command (DOS) window, and type

D:\setup.exe -Lgntforce

where D: (or whatever) is the drive letter of your CDROM drive.

3rd Jul 2002, 18:20
It says that setup.exe isn't a correct file on the directory D or somethin like that.... and the name of my cd drive IS d... so it makes nooo sence.:confused:

3rd Jul 2002, 19:07
So when you use Windows Explorer to see the files on your D: drive (which is presumably the same CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive in which you inserted Thief 2 CD #1), you don't see setup.exe listed?

If you can see it in explorer, can you then copy it to somewhere, like to a temp directory on your hard drive?

When you entered "d:\setup.exe -lgntforce" in Startup -> Run, did it say it couldn't find the file (so then I'd have to wonder if D: is really the correct drive letter for your CD-ROM drive)? Or did setup.exe start to run and then error out (which means you might've not added the "-lgntforce" parameter correctly, sans quotes, of course).

Are you logged on as Administrator or under a username that has administrator group privileges when you try to install the game? Or is your login a restricted user that cannot perform installs?

4th Jul 2002, 21:20
I see setup.exe listed, i cant copy it to my hard drive, for some reason, it messes up. I cant remember what it does... I know it takes forever to even try it.

and yes i did use lgntforce or whatever, i did everything correctly.

AND my last post says, YES, my drive name is D:... I can't find anything else to do... thank you guys for tryin to help though

Thorin Oakenshield
4th Jul 2002, 21:59
I had a similar problem. When I inserted the thief cd Explorer still thought it had a different one in. Files used to take forever to copy. Also I used to get Filename.exe is not a valid win32 file:mad:

I had to clean my cd-rw. since then I've had no probs. It only takes a bit of dust:eek:

4th Jul 2002, 22:09
How did you clean it? what did you use?

Thorin Oakenshield
4th Jul 2002, 22:58
I sent you a PM

4th Jul 2002, 23:23
What's the condition of the compact disc itself? Does it have a lot of scratches? If so, you might get a CD cleaner/reconditioner kit to smooth out the tiny scratches. If there are gouges, the refraction angle will be too great and you won't be able to read the data (which is under the label so a scratch in the label can forever destroy data whereas a scratch on the transparent side might be repairable).

Is this a REAL distribution quality CD? Or is it a copy that someone made in their CD-RW drive and which you are trying to use? Sometimes one person's CD-RW is out of spec for tracking and writes too far off track for another drive to read it.

4th Jul 2002, 23:31
no scratches, brand new (1 year old though), and i BOUGHT it, its not a fake it came in a 2 back w/ deus ex.. pretty tight

5th Jul 2002, 09:37
Do you have an alternate machine with a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, like at work or a buddy, where you could check if the CD is readable in the other PC and to see if you could successfully copy the files off the CD? This might determine if your CD drive is not tracking properly.

5th Jul 2002, 16:06
it works on my mac.

6th Jul 2002, 06:57
Hmm, if you can copy files off the CD on one machine's CD-ROM drive but not when using another machine's CD-ROM drive, it sure sounds like you have an alignment problem in the suspect machine. How old is the suspect CD-ROM drive? Has it gotten banged a lot or the tray slammed in often?

Before replacing the CD, try the other suggestion previously posted of trying to clean the lens. Sometimes those CD cleaners that have little brushes on a CD platter will work. But if there is a smudge or something sticky on the lens then you'll have to get a long-stemmed cotton tipped swab and use some lens cleaner (or 99.9% isopropyl alcohol since the lesser quality stuff will leave a residue). After cleaning the lens with a wetted swab, rewipe the lens with a dry swab.