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3rd Jul 2002, 01:14
I posted this same thread in the TR Series forum, i thought some of you might enjoy this (since some of you never go in the TR Series forum)

I downloaded a level, More Ruins of the Ancient, and i add my Arctic Bikini outfit to it. The outfit erased some of the animations suck as get out of water, wade, swim, and tread water.

This is what happens when you try to get out of water on foot without that animation (i got such a kick out of this that i used it in my site banner sig):


This is what happens if you try to tread water, without that animation: Jesus Phenomenon!



and this is what happens when you try to swim without that animation:


I have no idea how to fix it so i can use that outfit in that level correctly. Some outfits do this and some don't.

3rd Jul 2002, 02:05
lol I saw this in the TR series forum, I find the first one the funniest! I reckon we should dedicate a thread just for funny screenshots :D