View Full Version : Posting a poll

3rd Jul 2002, 00:41
How can I post a poll ? :(

Can I post a poll :confused:

3rd Jul 2002, 02:49
When you start out a thread, you should see an option at the bottom of the page, near where it says Submit Reply. I think it says Post a Poll or something like that.

When you click on it, a think will come up that allows you to make your choices/categories for the poll. You can select how many choices you want in it too.


Grey Mouser
3rd Jul 2002, 03:56
But please...make it pertinent in some way to Eidos/Tomb Raider/Other Eidos Games/etc.

And I will continue to stress this point: Just because you can post something, be it poll or whatever, does not mean you should do it...