View Full Version : Shooting in crowds

20th Feb 2016, 20:35
Security guards are a bit trigger-happy in the crowded areas of the yacht. They're able to make near-impossible shots that come within inches of multiple innocent bystanders. Either that, or their hit detection cheats and they automatically hit 47 regardless of people standing between them. I could imagine this kind of marksmanship from experts, but not your average rent-a-cop.

My suggestion - normal guard AI only shoots at extremely close distance in crowds, just outside of melee range. This would still allow them to overcome 47 in numbers while he is kung-fuing one guy.

22nd Feb 2016, 03:05
I agree. Crowds should be a factor during hostile circumstances.

24th Feb 2016, 01:25
Yeah, it seems like it's impossible for NPCs to shoot each other and that was always kind of a fun thing in the older games. Outside of using crowds for cover it never had a huge impact on gameplay, but it was still fun when it would happen accidentally. It definitely seems like a weird thing to leave out when they're making a big point about how much bigger the crowds are now.