View Full Version : Triad points. Trying to understand basics

20th Feb 2016, 02:50
I'm new to this game and trying to understand about gaining Triad points. Can someone tell me if i have this right - In each mission, there are three triangles, if you fill up the triangles, you get the maximum triad points you can get in that mission. If you don't fill them up before the mission ends, you can replay the mission and the replay will add to your already partially-filled triangles thus giving you more Triad points. Once they are all filled up, you can't gain any more triad points by replaying that same mission.

Is that correct?

1st Mar 2016, 14:28
You have it for the most part. I'm not sure if filling the triangles results in not being able to get any more Triad points from the mission. I remember playing a few missions several times in a row, trying to vary my combat enough to get enough Triad points but I don't remember if I was trying to fill the three triangles all the way or just get a higher score in general to get more TP. If the latter was the case then you can still play a mission after maxing it out to get more TP out of it as long as your score is higher. Filling the triangles for all the missions in the game should get you enough TP to max your levels.

3rd Mar 2016, 19:58
& On the off-chance ur having trouble filling up those 3 Triad triangles, there r outfits/individual pieces of clothing & jewelry/watches that give u exp. pts buffs, sum for Triad pts. but also others for Cop pts & Face exp. Buy/find those things as soon as u can (hidden in lock boxes for instance, tho it may require a minimum Face lvl to use so prioritize raising that)