View Full Version : Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest smartphone releases.

19th Feb 2016, 19:26
My apologies in advance. Sadly, I'm new to forums in general, so please forgive my ignorance to the etiquette of posting. Since I'm not sure which thread would be appropriate I will be posting this in the General Discussion, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest threads.

With the recent release of Final Fantasy IX on mobile platforms, I feel the need to ask:

Does anybody know any official reasons or explanations as to why Square Enix skipped releasing Final Fantasy VIII and Dragon Quest VII on iOS, Android, and other such platforms?

Thank you to all that contribute and please, enjoy the rest of your day.

24th Feb 2016, 10:36
DQ7 might be due to it needing a new translation and Nintendo is doing that for the 3DS version. The mobile version will probably come out some months after the 3DS release.