View Full Version : PLEASE remove the Slow motion headshots and tweak the shooting effects

19th Feb 2016, 19:24
This is something I really hated about the shooting in Absolution, and to see it back in this game really disappoints me and it makes me worried that many of the things I hated about Absolutions gameplay aren't going to be changed.

The shooting in the beta is really unsatisfying and takes me out of the game.

The smoke effects are bizarre and exaggerated and there is barely any blood or gore, it's like I'm shooting a sack of cement, barely any of the characters leave blood pools or splatters after they are shot.

The "clink" sound effect after a headshot is extremely annoying and breaks immersion, please allow us to turn this off at least.

19th Feb 2016, 21:52
Yes, the slow motion is really dumb. And the red HUD markers when 47 takes damage, WAY too big