View Full Version : Compatibility problems

19th Feb 2016, 17:22
Hey there.
I pre-ordered the Hitman full experience for obvious reasons, and I'm really looking forward to playing it.
Yet I got something, that breaks the game for me.
I have recently got a new driverless mouse, the Mad Catz RAT Pro x.
I have encountered this problem with other games too.
The game recognizes my mouse as a controller, but can't use usual actions like it. So if I press the right mouse button, I aim for half a second and then all it does is increase my sensitivity.
This breaks the game for me as the impossibilty to use guns just restricts my options quite a lot, I also can't throw coins etc.
I hope you can either solve this compatibility issue or make a way the xbox one controller is both registered and preferred over my mouse. I'm looking forward to an answer.