View Full Version : Beta Bug - Disguise & Action Conflict

18th Feb 2016, 17:32
Loved the beta very much and looking forward to the game.

Feedback on PS4: I experienced an issue when attempting to perform a kill by drowning right beside a previously used disguise that was now in a bag (as I had performed a kill in the room earlier and changed disguise there afterwards) On the screen I had the action to drown with command X and at the same time I had the option to change disguise also with command X.

I was unable to just have the drowning available despite moving around a little, so all that happened was I was repeatedly changing disguise behind the target being sick into the toiled and had to use a different method for the kill.

Possibly have it so that the kill commands/actions and such override secondary things like changing disguise and opening doors etc.

I also experienced the lagging video and audio sync issues as reported here by other players.

Hope that helps.