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2nd Jul 2002, 21:34
Is it just me or does anyone else hate the idea of having several different forum categories for Thief. I just find it annoying to be constanting jumping back and forth to read peoples posts. I dont know just a thought. :mad:

Whatz His Name
2nd Jul 2002, 21:58
I like the idea. The Crippled Burrick gives the people who come here often and socialize, a place to chat. The OM and FM section gives those who only care about game assistance and tech info, a place where they don't have to dig through the off topic stuff to get what they want.

I give the new layout two thoumbs up. :)

2nd Jul 2002, 22:22
Optik, change can be hard. You'll get use to it. I have, I lurk mainly over at TTLG. They have the same type of set-up. So, for me personally, I am used to it. I understand what your saying.
The old forum was simplier, easier to use. Do we really have a choice in the matter? Yeah, but I choose to stay and partake in the forum activities, no matter where they are, and where we are.
Give it time, don't try to take in everything at once, it'll be easier for ya. :)

2nd Jul 2002, 23:42
I like the new forums, especially now that they've arranged them in what I'd say is a more logical & effective manner. I don't think it's that much more work to go looking through 4 or 5 forums than it was to look through one. In fact, it's probably easier since you can go directly to the topics you're most interested in.

Thorin Oakenshield
2nd Jul 2002, 23:51
I prefer this way too. ;)

3rd Jul 2002, 02:18
well ill be damned, I guess ill just have to get used to it. Its hard being in the last forum for 3 years then switching over.

3rd Jul 2002, 03:49
Hi Optik,

Sniff, sniff, I too miss the ol' 1 pager. It was so simple to check out everything in just one quick visit. I think I liked the old forum so much because it was so different from this one.

The forum now is like all the other forums I visit, divided into sections. It is nice, and well organized, but I will miss the old Eidos and it's simplicity.


3rd Jul 2002, 12:48
Yeah, I miss the old place, too. I can't keep up with everything here like I could there. :(