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Kurtis Trent
2nd Jul 2002, 20:58
*I rang the doorbell along with______ _____ ______ (next 3 people to reply). Lara opened up. Her house was decorated very well. We all gave her presents then went to the tree to see our presents......

(next 3 people to reply get the 3 slots above.):p ;) :D :) :cool:

2nd Jul 2002, 21:57
*I arrive with Lara Croft Tomb Raider,_______, and _______*
*After putting the presents under the tree, we go into the kitchen where Lara has forced Winston to make a lot of hot cocoa*
*"Mmmmm. This is really good."*
*Lara then points outside, and says "Look"*
*We look, and outside are a bunch of brand new snowmobiles*


3rd Jul 2002, 03:47
"Gee I wonder why those snowmobiles are there," Bidy mutters to herself. "Let's go find out," say's Lara. While Lara runs through the snow like a rabbit Aquarius, Bidy, LCTR, and ______ trudge along. After Lara explains how to operate the snowmobile she turnes the gas key in hers. "Let's get started," she say's in a deep voice. The rest of us look at each other puzzled, shrug our shoulders and follow Lara.
After about two hours of constant blazing our bums start to get tired. Lara continues as if she does this every day of her life. Finally Bidy and LCTR decide to stop and rest for awhile. Aquarius and ______ agree to catch up to Lara and ask her to stop.
Aquarius and ______ try their best to avoid all of the stumps and logs in the way. "This isn't the best place to snowmobile," yells ______. "I agree," replies Aquarius. Suddenly, Aquarius hit's a stump, drops off her snowmobile, and falls unconcious.
Meanwhile back with Bidy and LCTR.
Bidy: Don't you think Lara was acting a bit funny. I mean, she knows we aren't the best snowmobilers. Especially at night.
LCTR: I know what you mean. Did you hear her voice? It was really low.
Bidy: Yea that was weird. It's been awhile since Aquarius and _____ left. Do you think we should go see where they are? Mabey they're waiting for us.
LCTR: Sure, I'm rested anyway.
*LCTR and Bidy start their bikes and make their way up the trail.

Lara Croft arrives at a small cottage and takes a cardboard box from the table in the center of the room. Then she strapps the box to her snowmobile and makes her way back to Aquarius, LCTR, ______, and Bidy.

Sorry. I guess I made it kinda hard to continue the story because I split everyone up. You can just write a little about each group or get them back together.

3rd Jul 2002, 09:47
Lara gathers all her guests back to the house because she is expecting more people. Walking in with others the door rings. Hi Lara, I say, I give her a friendly hug and her gift. I then hug all the other dudes and give them their gifts. Everyone runs inside forms a large circle and opens their gifts. Winston comes over with the hot chocolate and lots of goodies. Chatting laughter is running throughout the house. The fire is warming the whole house. I say the manor looks snow beautiful in winter. Lara smiles.

3rd Jul 2002, 14:22
not another story!!!!!!!

3rd Jul 2002, 21:02
Originally posted by Bidy
Suddenly, Aquarius hit's a stump, drops off her snowmobile, and falls unconcious.
Meanwhile back with Bidy and LCTR.

It's HIS snowmobile, HIS!

<<<<<<<<See the M?? M!!!! lol

Back to the story....

*Lara is getting closer to Aquarius and _______, when she thinks she can hear something coming up behind her*
*At first she thinks it's just Bidy and LCTR, so she doesn't bother to look behind her*
*As she stops to help us, we scream at her "Look out behind you! Get moving!"*
*Right behind her is a huge Yeti!!*

3rd Jul 2002, 21:08
The Yeti (which is MDN, disguised) grabs all the presents and runs far away. :D

3rd Jul 2002, 21:40
ARRRG i HATE Christmas!!

I walk up to Lara's door moaning about how cold it is. Shove a few cheap cards through the letterbox and head off home to get terribly drunk - hoping to be unconsious throughout the whole of the festive season. As i turn around to walk up the path i get knocked head over heels by a Yeti dressed as Santa Clause. Hmmmm maybe that whiskey was a little too strong.

Bahhh humbug! :D

3rd Jul 2002, 21:46
As I walk up to the door, I notice a big tree outside her door. As I climbed it I saw _______ looking at me like I was stupid to be going up a tree. Embarrassed, I let go and fell right on top of _____ . I then got up, wiped off the snow, and went walking inside pretending nothing had ever happened.

5th Jul 2002, 23:25
Sorry Aquarius Suddenly MDN stops snickering and bends over the person he/she accidentally pushed down. While doing this he/she's :confused: head falls off. Lara and the others ride up on their snowmobiles, everyone bursts out laughing. All except Lara. She rides away towards the mansion carrying unconcious Aquarius and the brown paper box. Every one stops laughing and follows Lara. While the half yeti half MDN trudges along, wishing he could turn back time. :p
When the group arrives at the mansion they see Lara sitting next to Aquarius dabbing HIS head with a wet washcloth. All of the male party guests secretly clench their fists and murmer curses on Aquarius. When Aquarius sees this he sits up and winks to them. Everyone slightly relaxes. Lara makes a lame excuse to leave the room. The guests sit in a circle and discuss Lara and her weird behavior. They talked about how low her voice was and how she left the group while snowmobiling and her lame excuses. MDN arrives gasping and he sits in front of the warm fire while the group fills him in on the events of the last few minutes. Then DSKM brings up the subject of what was in the cardboard box. They decide to go find out. The group goes through the door that they had seen Lara go through earlier. They arrive in a...