View Full Version : Remnant Resistance - Follow the Leader?

16th Feb 2016, 19:28
Wondering if anyone else has had problems with a wandering leader during a Targeted Strike mission on Remnant Resistance expeditions?

Just tried to play a level, was busy taking down a few of the henchmen so I could take the leader down stealthily, but when I went to go and get the leader he'd wandered off up into the village above, in an area Lara couldn't get to!

I spent ages waiting to see if he'd move but in the end I had to reload the checkpoint, seriously depleting my time bonus. :-(


17th Feb 2016, 23:59
This should be moved to the Technical Forum.

I recently had couple of problems in RR mode too.
One time I was trying to kill Deathless soldier silently in Siberian Wilderness. I draw him out by making a noise. I was in the bushes waiting for him to come close, but he stuck in one area - he kept jumping down from the hill and jumping back on it again and again. I waited for ages but he couldn't find a way to me. So I reloaded a mission. I'm lucky it was the first objective of the mission with all 5 Deathless objectives on Survivor difficulty and Hardcore level (you can't restart objective checkpoint, you can only restart the whole mission from the beginning).
Another bug was on The Village level. I freed all 3 hostages but the game registered only 2 of them. Reloaded a mission and started over.

18th Feb 2016, 15:36
Interesting! I've also seen a weird thing since loading the Baba Yaga DLC. Sometimes an ememy freezes, with his legs together and arms outstretched. He can't move, but will crumple if shoot. But I discovered on an RR mission that it doesn't work to run past him, because he can still see me and calls out for reinforcements!