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Planets of the Galaxy: A Handbook

Aurora 2 is a C-Class Arctic Planet (nothing to do with Arctic_Wolf) in the Zeta section of the Main Galactic Government. The Planet is only inhabited by me and my underground labs, residence, ship bays Etc. The massive equatorial ring that goes round the planet is the focus for all who pass through here from Wormhole Dark Rift. There is a small station attached to the planet with trading stations, entertainment, anything you may find on a normal waystation . I control the administrator aspects of the Station from my residence on the Planet. I use the shipyards occasionally for materials but most of the time the HyperNova is kept in an underground hangar. The planet is about 45% water and the average temperature is about -155oC in Summer and -200oC in Winter. Trust me the heating bills are tremendious.

Residence details:

Location: Near the great snow plains of Votnwe on the continent I call Hephasteus.

Interior details: Large 5Kmx1.5Km hanger containing my crafts and ships, this is concealed under the great snow plains. I have a reasonably large living section, including observatory and large video arcade (life can be so dull down here). I also have a research lab where I conduct research into new weapons, equipment for my residence, etc. (If you're wondering about the crator on the equator, that was were my sub-zero A-Bomb went off about an Eon ago)

Heating: Sheilded Plasma core reactor, to prevent affecting the outside cold.

General Info

Continents: 7

Population (planet): 1

Population (station): 5,000

Moons: Aurora Prime, a deslate wasteland, home to a shapeshifting research station. Mariteus, instead of being climatically wild like Aurora 2, this moon is tectonically wild. The plates move around like modes of transport.

Main Race (planet): Terran, since there is only me.

Main race (station): Various, many Greys and Turrakkens.

Government: None

Ruler: Me

Points of Interest:

Mariteus, worth a visit if you like moving around quickly.

The Aurora Station, if you're really that desperate to stop off above a climatic hellhole.

Extract taken from the Waystation Dark Rift tourist guide

[i]Oparay-Ting One

[b]Capital:[b] Turrakave

Government: Turraken Style Commitie

Main Race: Turraken

Main Currency: Energy (E)

Main Exports: Hardware, electronics

Main Import: Luxury goods.


Oparay-Ting One is the planet Turrakens fled to after burning their home planets, and totally vaporizing one, after a terrible experiment. They have not lost their love of science and re-settled in the Oparay-Ting system. Its dry with average tempetures and very flat. Some notable wild fauna is the Gloo'Gech, a strange, mouse-like creature that makes a noise much like its name. Another is the Computter, a very intelligent beast made up of a hard, metallic skin. It resmbles a Ankylasaurus.

The cities are very, err, technic and futuristic life. The have barely ANY life at all outside the limits, because fear of the dreaded Silicon-Biter. Expect to see many TV screens in the cities, a lot. Labratories make up most of the cities, not to mention exotic wildlife that wasn't originally on the planet. In the capitail, Turrakave, theres a beutiful museum with the famous experiments of Doctor Blastopher. The one who invented the scuzzer and cocktail bar piano player. Not to mention other countless fail, err, I mean inventions. Turrakens do not have a Library, rather a giant holo-data base. Showing every book made in Turraken history, and most from any other races.

Outside Oparay-Ting One, theres ten moons and its ring of dust, ice, and rock. The ten moons cause serious erosion on the planet, resulting in its flat, rocky, surface. Their names are Retupmoc, Niotainummoc, Yranib, Elbac, Dern, Remag, Nekarrut, Ortcele, Citengam, and Eslup. And I wouldn't go there if I were a Zedem Monk. And make sure to bring something high-tech, they like that.


Population Total: 12 Billion

Main Inhabitents: Arctainians/Grey/Terrans

Cities: 80 million

Religeon: None

Government: Technocratic Ministerial

Prosperity: Very good

Hero: Arctic Wolf

Defences: Almost Impenatrable.


Arctainius is an A class-planet and the fourth one in the Eep Ok Nok system. The queer thing about Arctainius is that it is a perfect sphere, this means it doesn't tilt. The side effect is no seasons.

Its has 5 Moons and 2 tapped asteroids. The largest moon is Dendekka and Icle being the smallest. Each moon contains Fighter Hanger's Fast Attack racks and a Super Gun. Around Arctianius is an Equator Station(I was the first to say my home had an equator station.) it also contains many gun batteries. Also Waystation Tau-Ceti orbits over the poles. These defenses were implemented after a now extinct race know as the Saurians attacked the planet, sparking the great Intergalactic war that decimated 57% of our galaxy.

The planet itself is snowy and cold, with huge blizzards visible from Dendekka. Only Animal and Plant life live in it. The Sentient inhabitents live in large domed over cities. The cities have underground farms, recycling plants and contain some realy tall sky scrapers. In the Capital City of Imperia the the Ministerial Castle is so high that it pokes through the dome and ends 0.000000034430003 Microns short of space. Each City has atleast one Meg-Lav station, Imperia has 15. Arctainius' Meg-lave trains can be up to a mile long and are the only means of accessing Other Cities and Space Ports, besides Phasing/Beaming/Scrambling.

Points of Interest:

Ministerial Castle: Heart of Arctainius. Base is a large 3 step affair which then moves up toward the to tower which is a series of large square blocks palced on top of each other with every secnd block turned 45 degress.

Museum of High Knowledge: A large City devoted entirely to a museum of known Galactic History.

Temple of Energy: Were the Mentaly supiror Arctianius gather to train their energy and become Elite physic spies/warriors/ambassadors. Even Arctic Wolf trained here.


Capital: Gray

Government: Grey style republic

Main Race: Grey

Main Currency: Energy (E)

Main Exports: Medical Supplies

Main Imports:Luxury Goods, Sirens


Molyno is a very cold, very grey, or black & white system. It consists of two main things, gray skys, and white snow. What you didn't think snow was white on other planets? Yellow maybe? Nevermind that. Molyno is the capital planet for the Greys, who live primarily in the Gaem system. Some notable creatures on Molyno are the the Va'Sha, a stupid but big, black eyed bird. And the A'Za'Za'Za'Sha, a dangerous creature with big eyes, big brain, and big appetite.

The cities on the planet are covered in domes, half of them destroyed in the Great War. As you would guess, they have white buildings and nothing special in original archutecture. They contain of many Greys while little venture outside to freeze to death. Outside the cities are vast, advanced, coniferous trees gathered in forests. Along with special wind pollenated flowers. A real point of intrest though is the University of Galactic Health. Where Greys from all around the galaxy train in health. It also contains a large, boring statue of Va'Sha'Sha, a famous doctor who inveted the cure for Recan, a deadly diesease, outside where no-one looks. As the University is near the poles, not a place to take a daily stroll outside.

Outside, in space, it is just as boring. With its single moon, Noom, a moon of boring rocks and gold, that is it besides the asteroid belt nearby. Although you'll occasionaly see identified flying objects hovering back and forth to scare the youngsters.

Polkav Prime

Capital: Polkavia

Government: Capitalistic/Aristicratic

Main Race(s): Polkavian Gem Slug

Main Currency: Energy (E)

Main Exports: Turdite, Mucus Wine

Main Imports: Art, Luxury Goods


Polkav Prime is the home of Gem Slugs. It is a partial city planet. With ten percent of it still un-touched by the organic, lime-green buildings. Naturally, it is mild and wet on Polkav Prime. With the rainy season lasting nine of the ten months on Polkav Prime. Not much creatures besides insects live on it. Although tropical Rept-Avians also live in the big city areas.

The Citys at night are very well lit on Polkav Prime. This is most likely from the overly amounts of turdite that the Gem Slugs produce. They are connected by sky-ways and air-taxis, and not to mention the very heavy air traffic. Mucus wine is also produced here in the Polkavian-Snail farms of Dec'Bar at the north and south poles. Polkavian-Snails die quickly after birth and mating. This is due most likely due to the fact that they run around in circles, loosing all their mucus and leaving only the eyes left. The mucus can actually then be fermented over time and be used as wine. Although most E.T.s don't prefer the tasted of Mucus Wine.


Capital: Lova-Utopia

Government: Varies extremely.

Main Race: New Dahanese Siren (Although there are Old Dahanses Sirens)

Main Currency: N/A, although they do barter and trade

Main Exports: Love, Pleasure, Luxury Goods

Main Imports: Medical Supplies


Dahan is a very temprate climate world. The forests are often filled with birds and small cities that the Sirens live in. Most beasts on Dahan are strict herbivores.

However, the life on the planet for the Sirens is very different. First off, bring blindfolds if you are bringing childern. Sirens do not believe in clothes. Second of all, make sure you can hold your sensual thoughts to yourself. And thirdly, don't order room service at a hotel if your married or have a girl-friend (Unless you want slapped). Despite the fact that the Old Siren Race, which had feminine characters as actually males, and vise versa, the New Siren Race (Which is anatomcly and politcaly correct) is actually the same thing, just subjected to different energy waves that the Turrakens, "experimented" during the Sirens' discovery. Since then, Sirens have been pleasure and love makers ever since. And to add to that, there are also blond Sirens. Whom of which, appear more attractive to outsiders at time (Which concludes with their rarity).


Capital: Gradiia

Population: 6,481,290

Area: 212,034 Sq/km

Language: Munkeese (Official)

Currency: The Grads use the Gradian Dirhan while the Jalloops trade with a very rare isotope of the element Cadmium (Cadium III) with is only found in the Jaloopian Range.

Exports: Cadium III pellets, used in high velocity missles and various manufactured goods from Gradiia.

Points Of Interest:

The Grad City Gradiia homes the Museum of Munkee History. Journey through a holgraphic histoty of Munk and witness key events that shaped the land.

In the Jaloopian state of Kras there is a small village that bears residence to the largest Cadmium III pellet in the universe. at over 3m in diameter it is worth an estimated 345 Billion Grad Dirhans and weighs in excess of 70 tons.


Munkees come from the planet Munk in the 3rd Quadrat of the EE'Dos system.

It s a fertile planet, rich in grasslands and tropical areas. It is in these rainforests my civilisation has formed it main colonies. Our settlements are primitive in comparison with many planets.

They have constructed networks of tree walks and platforms in the upper canopy. Our houses are built into the sides of huge conifers that can grow up to 300m tall and have a diameter of up to 20m. We have farming colonies on the forest floor that use the thick forest floor as nurseries for our crops and for rearing cattle like creatures called shaamoos.

However, there are a race of munkee who live on a far continent that is very small in comparison to the Munk mainland. These munkees are the Grads. They are far more advanced that the main species of munkee, the Jalloops. The Grads are on par with the rest of the universe with technology, they reside in the megolopolis, Gradiia, that takes up the whoe of their island. They are the munkees who venture into space and represent our race in the universe.

There is no hostility between the two munkee's, the two races often mingle and often munkees migrate from one culture to the other.

Grouel I

Capital: Salt City

Government: Socialist/Communist

Main Race: Grouelian Salt Hog

Main Currency: Energy (E)

[b]Main Exports:[b] Mineral Goods, Ores, Industrial Goods, Machinery

[b]Main Imports:[b] Hardware


Grouel is home to the Grouelian Salt Hogs. The planet is actually a very strange site to see. Half of the planet (The Western Hemisphere), is actually a large metal plate made over the natural land by some acient and dead civilization long ago. Archeological digs have found that they fled from their own planet with giant space-ships and landed on Grouel I. There, they started huge cities with the left-over parts of their space ships. Today, you can see the spaceships being used as skyscrapers, factories, living quarters, and other commercial, residental, and industrial uses. Eventually, the race died out and left all their technoligy entact. After that, the Salt Hogs from the frozen tundras in the Eastern Hempisphere found the Western Hempishperic cities. They reactivated them and repaired them, which then started the trend of Salt-Hogs being excellent mechanics.

The cities look more like giant junk-yards today (Despite thier activity and rising smoke from the factories). The capital, Salt City, is actually one huge space-ship with many, many buildings inside. It serves as the main diplomatic center and Space-Port for Salt-Hogs. The Eastern Hempisphere however, is more slightly and is home to many forests, Fungal-Farms, and their farmers. It is very quiet there, and only holds ten percent of the Salt-Hog population. Despite the quiet scenery, many dangerous creatures live there. One, like the Grouelian Salt-Boar, is a danger to even energy shielded colonies. It uses its giant tusks to dig under the shields and devour the succulent Salt-Hogs inside. And it is white, making it impossible to see in Grouel I's furious blizzards. Groeul I is still a leading producer in Ships, Industrial Goods, and Fungi today (Despite the ships defective from the spare parts).

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Capital: Questionmark city

Main race Unknownians

Main Currency: Energy (E)

Main Exports: Shadowcloaks, Laser weapons and robots

Main Imports: Spaceships and Materials

Notes: The planet was found by the human called MR?. He was walking at earth when he found a secret dimensional super-mega-special-hyper-gate that transported him to this planet. The planet have had many wars against the evil MR! that wants to destroy the planet.

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