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30th Jan 2016, 19:50
Ik heb mijn vorige telefoon verkocht zonder er over na te denken mijn one time password uit te zetten opde vorige telefoon hoe kan ik enix op mijn nieuwe telefoon krijgen zo dat ik weer kan spelen ik ben al uren aan het zoeken en aan doen maar kom op niks uit ik word gek 😜

14th Feb 2016, 15:18

Your support system is driving me nuts. When I try and contact support, I get logged out. When I try and log in, it requests a 1 time pin. When I try and set up a 1 time pin, it requires a 1 time pin to set up the 1 time pin...

3rd Mar 2016, 23:37
THANK YOU! I knew I couldn't have been the only one to notice how absolutely HORRID this is! YOU CANNOT GET A ONE TIME PIN, TO UNLOCK THE OPTION TO GET A ONE TIME PIN!!!!! A five year old would understand this.

Yes, I understand you use the phone app to get the pin, but that requires you log into the Account Management System. The Account Management System requires you to have A ONE TIME PIN.

At this point, "oh cool, there is an option to have the one time pin removed", nope. Sorry, we are now going to ask you for an emergency password which you have probably never herd of in you're ENTIRE LIFE. I have yet to find out what this "Emergency Password" is and how you acquire it.

Edit: Apparently, its a good idea to not tell users that a one time pin isn't necessary to log in, at the log in page. The lack of information at key locations is whats most frustrating about this and is why so many people have problems with this system.

16th May 2016, 07:12
Hello. I can not get the password in the registration (One-Time password). When I go to this link (https://secure.square-enix.com/account/app/svc/otpTop), writes that the game is not logged in . While logging into your account , I typed the code and says that the game is registered . How to be ?

26th Jun 2016, 21:42
Okay so i have an account with square enix. i downloaded the app to get my security token. So i try to log into my square enix account manager, but its asking for my one time password. so i go to the phone app, and its asking me for my user name, birthday, and registration password, that i can only obtain if i log into my account manager.... which i cant cuz i need a one time password.

how can i get the registration password sent to me if i cant get into my account??

27th Jun 2016, 10:18
Customer support (https://support.eu.square-enix.com/contact.php?id=612&la=2) should be able to help you with this issue.

6th Aug 2016, 11:27
i need remove the token for login. but i can't login. i don't remember the passaword of one-time.

6th Aug 2016, 11:36
I think a game master can help me

6th Aug 2016, 16:42
Get in touch with customer support (http://support.eu.square-enix.com/contacttop.php?id=612&la=2), they should be able to help you solve this issue.