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2nd Jul 2002, 19:54
I have got tired of all the RPGs in the startopia fprum(s) so i have made something different. A Strategy game. All people start with a amount of energy credits and then they build things to get more money. Later they can also attack each other in RPG style wars.


A targ named Col´um´bzzz has found a new planet. The planet is filled with resourses and some salt hogs that have visited the planet and built a mine there has found a new material that they call trulium. The material is very very very very very very very much worth. The gem slugs doesn´t like the material cause it threathens their economy(trulium is much more worth than their turdite).

You start by posting a message with your name, race and info. Only startopian races(Only the elders and the mods can create their own if they want).
When you start you will have:
-One starmine
-One spaceport
-One Material teleporter(transports material to a nearby station were they will be sold).
-All races will have their workplace at the start. Karmarama will have three farms and salt hogs will have two mines and a factory.
-A farm(You need one farm per 500 population).
-If you are a memau you also start with a mamau farm(info about it a bit down the post).

Price list of buildings

Starmine:Mines 100 trulium per day.Price 5000 E.In factory 2500 E

Factory:Price 7500 E. In factory 5000 E

Recykler:You get 1500 E every day per 500 aliens.5000 E.In factory 2500 E

Farm:Feeds 500 people.Creates 100 food crates per day. 2500 E. In factory 1000.

Memau farm: Breeds up 15 memau,5 skrasherless memau and 3 Super skrasher memau(very dangerous) per day. Costs 10000 E in factory. You can´t buy it.

Berth:250 people per berth. Costs 1000. In factory 500.

Sickbay: Cures 250 aliens per day

More buildings will be done later.

Every day you will get 100 aliens of your race to the planet as long as you have berths and farms.

Salt hog:you get 250 trulium instead of 100 from a mine. You start with no money.

Grey: You get no disseases in your base. You start with a sickbay.Greys don´t like the planet so you will only get 75 aliens per day.

Gor: Your aliens are better warriors. one gor can kill two of any other race. The gors are bigger so they eat more. A farm only makes 50 food crates.

Targ: They found the planet so they start with the double of all the starting buildings. A strange dissease is at the planet. The dissease will kill all of your people is they do not have sickbays.

Zedem: The zedem will get 1000 E from their home planets but they will make half of their people to penants so they only get 50 people per day.

Karmarama:They get 250 food crates from their farm. They can´t war.

Siren: They get 500 E per 1000 people from their love nests. They are not so good miners so they get only 50 From their starmines.

Gem slug: Gem slugs are so rich so they have unlimited money. They can´t mine. Their only mission is to destroy the planet(They can´t have anyone or anything that threatens their turdite in worth).

Memau: All memau can turn into skrashers when they want. A skrasher cant ´t turn back. A skrasher can kill 5 enemy soldiers or 3 gors. All memau will get doubled amount of memaus produced in their memau farms.

Humans: They get no bonuses.

Natives: The planet have natives. The natives will build other buildings then the other races. Their buildings only costs 100 E. They can only build three buildings, A hunting hut that gives them 500 energy per day , A war hut that makes 250 native warriors per day. And a civil hut that makes 500 civilians per day. One alien can deafeat five civilians and three warriors. One gor can defeat 10 civilians and 5 warriors. 5 warriors can defeat one alien.
One trutium crystal is worth 5 E.

3rd Jul 2002, 14:23
I'm afraid Stragegy games are almost impossible to do on a text based, well, um, basis. But good for you for trying it.:D

3rd Jul 2002, 21:53
Just post what you build and then play mostly like a RPG.

7th Jul 2002, 18:29
I gotta go with memau on this one... sounds like its good, become a programmer, I would definatly buy Startopia: Interplanetary War. (I've got royalties on that name if you use it)

7th Jul 2002, 19:25
Originally posted by SkrasherSmasher
I gotta go with memau on this one... sounds like its good, become a programmer, I would definatly buy Startopia: Interplanetary War. (I've got royalties on that name if you use it)

You make it sound like agreeing with me is a bad thing.:D

Yeah, I like the sound of a game like that. Maybe "Startopia: The Age of Discovery"

7th Jul 2002, 21:56
We are the Amalgamated Software Producers, lower your sheilds and prepare to be sued. Your efforts to create your own game based on the Startopia Universe are futile.

7th Jul 2002, 22:41
<SkrasherSmasher jumps over an electric fence, doesn't make it the whole way, and gets electricuted.>
Oohh, medic!

9th Jul 2002, 21:37
Originally posted by SkrasherSmasher
become a programmer

Yes im planning to be somthing like that. A game designer maybe. I have made up some good ideas(other people than me also think that they are good) so maybe there will be some games made by MR? in the future.

9th Jul 2002, 22:53
Programming Languages to Learn:
Visual Basic - A must for programming newbies
HTML - Useful
DirectX - Essential
C++ - VERY usefull and essential

10th Jul 2002, 12:34
I know HTML and a bit delphi. My dad works with delphi and are very skilled at it so i will probably learn that. Delphi is a bit like visual basic but it uses another language.

11th Jul 2002, 23:21
One problem though, I'm looking at the numbers you have listed and the description of this trilium. If its worth more then turdite, and you make 100 per day, isn't that more than 1,000,000E per day per starmine? 1 million E per day aint that bad of an allowance. Wait, reading the end, 5E? That aint right! You said it's worth MUCH more than turdite! 5E aint cutting it!

Edit: And if you wanted, you could exploit the Gem Slug system by saying you just wanted to build 10 billion everything with the unlimited cash.

11th Jul 2002, 23:36
Perhaps Trillium can only be mined in small amounts, but it is worth much more than a Turdite of the same amount.

12th Jul 2002, 01:42
OH ok, I can get that now. But the Gem Slug is messed up.