View Full Version : Final boss (possible spoiler)

13th Feb 2016, 16:36
Ok, i'm fighting the final boss in pc. I dodge him with the C key but i can't get Laura to stab him with any key??? Which key is it, and what am i doing wrong?

15th Feb 2016, 05:58

It should be the "F" key.

16th Feb 2016, 22:58
Same here. "F" key does absolutely nothing. I've tried everything.

Done this over 100 times, pressing different button combos. Reloaded checkpoint, etc. Nothing. Guess I can't finish the game

2nd Mar 2016, 04:10
if im not mistaken, its the melee key. if F isnt working, assign the key to a different one. i personally have 5 buttons on my mouse, so i switched it to a mouse button.
unless you press the key too soon, maybe a wait a sec before you press it.

12th Mar 2016, 23:32
You don't actually stab Konstantin. There are two stages to the boss fight; you climb on top of the pillars to jump down on him a la Assassin's Creed, before picking up one of the tins on the floor and throwing it at Konstantin to distract him. Finally, you quickly run over and press the melee button to finish him off.