View Full Version : Life Is Strange - Lab Master won't unlock - I need this 1 for 100% - Helllllp!!!

13th Feb 2016, 15:53
Hi All

I've got a major problem with the Lab Master achievement. I met all requirements to unlock it - that is I've taken all 10 photos for ep 2 - but it just will not unlock. I called xbox live and was told to wait 72 hours to see if it randomly unlocked, it didn't.

I called them about it after 72 hours and the best they could do was refer me to this link:

That didn't help at all.

I replayed the entire chapter last night - taking all 10 photos again, all on the same save slot, all in the same run through - still no joy. I even continued on to chapter 3 thinking it might pop up there - nope.

I've noticed that a lot of the photo taking achievements took a few seconds (some a few minutes) to pop up but Lab Master just isn't unlocking.

Can anyone help please?


18th Feb 2016, 23:29
Has anyone any ideas why this achievement has not unlocked?

25th Feb 2016, 03:38
I'm having the same issue on the PS4. It's the last trophy I need for Platinum!!! I hope there is a solution!

21st May 2016, 22:42
I'm having the same issue on the Xbox One version.
I have all individual achievements for episode 2 except Lab Master, with 0% progress bar.

1st Aug 2016, 13:17
Same here, bit with the "camera eye" trophy. I all trophies except that one. I replayed the chapter on another slot but it didn't work. I deleted all my saves and replayed, didn't work. I deleted te game completely and im currently redownloading it, let's see if it works...